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Toilet Installation & Repair

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Toilet Repair

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Toilet Installation & Repair

When something fails with your restroom, it is among the most common– and distressing– plumbing problems you might have in your household. Toilet upkeep can not be put aside, whether your toilet is overruning, running continuously, or dripping at the seal at the base of your component.


Toilets should be kept in good working order. They are one of the most significant plumbing components in our systems. We do not generally offer our toilets much thought till something fails and they stop working properly.


The feared clogged toilet is one of the most prevalent domestic challenges that property owners face. Many people will try to repair toilet problems on their own, only to find that their DIY repair isn’t working or that the issue comes back rapidly, due to an underlying plumbing concern that property owners regularly can’t access.

When your toilet needs more than a plunger service at home, contact us for all of your toilet needs, consisting of set up. With our 20+ years of experience, our expert crew can do the job quickly and efficiently. We know how to deal with all of your plumbing needs.

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Helpful Tips

Common Toilet Problems and Causes

There are lots of toilet problems that should be left to the pros. However, not every issue requires a plumbing professional. Let us go through a few of the common toilet problems met by consumers who have actually reached out to us for service with pointers on how you can resolve them:

Groaning sounds

If you hear moaning originating from a toilet, it’s since there’s a rise in water pressure, which lets a worn ball clock valve to tremble or shake slightly.

Random or constant flushing

Either of two factors will trigger toilets to flush and begin filling on their own without human input: the refill tube is too long, or there is a badly set up or dripping flapper.


Flushing at random or regularly leads to a greater regular monthly water expense.

Compound flushing

Maybe you only flush one time, but the toilet flushes twice and even three times. A high water level is generally the source, and it can be fixed by changing the float control within the tank.

Water Trickling Into the Bowl, or “Phantom Flushes”

A slow leak from the tank into the bowl is the source of the issue. A malfunctioning flapper or flapper seat is nearly absolutely to blame for this issue.


Draining the tank and bowl, examining and cleaning the flapper seat, and replacing the flapper whether it’s used or broken is the remedy.

Slow flushes

A low water level or a tightening of the chain that connects the flush handle and the flapper valve might lead to a toilet to only flush partly.

Base leaks

When the toilet is flushed, a leak at the base of the toilet or below the tank suggests that the wax gasket between the drain pipeline and the toilet requires to be changed.

The toilet does not flush totally

Inspect to see if the lift chain has any slack. As needed, make adjustments. Look for a proper water level in the tank, and then double-check that the flapper is correctly fitted and is the right size and style for your toilet.

The Bowl Empties Slow

Blocked holes under the bowl’s surface are the most common cause of a slow-emptying bowl, also called a bad flush. To clear out any mess, carefully poke each flush hole with a curved piece of wire.

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Some jobs are better left to the pros...

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